Top 10 Mistakes in Bathroom Design


Ignoring the Environment

Water conservation is becoming more and more of an issue in the United States. Flushing, showering, bathing, and hand and hair washing all use precious water resources. Low-flow showerheads, auto-shutoff faucets and high-efficiency toilets save water, and they save money, too. Pre-1980 toilets can use more than five gallons of water per flush. If you're changing out one of these dinosaurs, your local water district might offer to foot part of the bill via a rebate. Not only that, a new toilet will pay for itself in water savings over time.

While you're exploring the design options for your new bathroom, consider a gray water system, too. These mini water reclamation stations reuse water from other areas of your home in places like your toilet where fresh, sparkling clean water isn't essential. It's another ingenious way to be environmentally conscious.