How to Turn a Bedroom Into a Home Theater

You don't need a ton of space for a killer home theater.
You don't need a ton of space for a killer home theater.

Finally, your dream of an enviably large and acoustically balanced home theater is about to become a reality. You've got the freestanding popcorn machine and a few chairs with built in cup holders, now all you need is some quality equipment and a place to house it. Tapping a spare bedroom for the honors may seem like an intuitive choice, but you'll have to pay attention to the details in order to transform a bedroom into a successful home theater. Many bedrooms are on the small side -- and near other bedrooms where the raucous sounds of high-speed car chases, sporting events or invading aliens can cause problems.

There's a lot going on in a home theater, and we don't mean just when a movie's playing. The ability of the space to optimize sound, block or control light, deliver uninterrupted electrical service and dampen the volume enough to make living in the rest of the house (and even neighboring homes) peaceful and pleasant, can be a tall order. After you've dealt with the technical issues, you'll also want to add furnishings that will allow you to enjoy the fruits of your audio/visual labor in comfort.

Let's explore some ways to transform a sleeping space into a dream factory you can enjoy during your waking hours. If you've ever balked at spending the contents of your wallet on a bucket of stale theater popcorn, let us help you take your makeshift family room entertainment center to the next level.