How to Turn a Bedroom Into an Office

Turn that unused spare room into a place for high-powered wheelin' and dealin'! See more home office décor pictures.

From finding ways to keep the kids out of your briefcase to clearing a flat and reasonably stable surface on which to spread out your work files, working from home presents some interesting challenges. If you've finally decided to move your casual at-home office space from the kitchen table to someplace a little more private, a spare bedroom is an excellent choice. It's a finished space with a door you can close against interruptions and -- maybe -- complete one phone call without a cacophony of embarrassing background noises.

Annexing a dedicated work space in your home has other advantages, too. A dedicated office space can be a tax write-off, and knowing it's there waiting for you provides a little extra incentive to develop a consistent work routine.

Although turning a bedroom into an office has advantages, giving up the guestroom can still be a sacrifice. With some planning, though, there are a couple of solutions that will allow one room to do double-duty. It all comes down to strategic planning.

Let's take a look at some useful ways to transform four walls -- and maybe a closet -- into a functioning office you'll feel comfortable spending time in. It probably doesn't have a high-rise, corner-office view and it isn't hooked up to the lobby switchboard, but a home office can still be a functional and comfortable place to draft an e-mail, conduct a video conference or compose a sales presentation in peace.