Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Comfortably Casual Kitchen

©Jeff Heatley Photography The tiny granite breakfast bar welcomes early-morning or late-night visitors.

Some kitchens -- and this is one -- have "home" written all over them. As cheerful as a cookie jar, this room evokes an upbeat, sunny mood with just a few splashes of bright color and a whole lot of traditional cabinetry.

Most of the appliances stay hidden behind matching panels, giving the space a more finished, clean-lined look. Still, from the vibrant-colored pottery on the open shelves to the fabrics, this is a place geared for nurturing: It has good food, a comfy window seat, and interesting nooks and corners, like a mini-breakfast bar for snacks.

©Jeff Heatley Photography Wall ovens accomplish multiple cooking chores simultaneously.

Adjoining an elegant great room with a fireplace, the kitchen maintains a more simple, down-to-earth demeanor. The wood floor may connect the two spaces, but their personalities are vastly different. Think cocktails by the handsome hearth and hot chocolate with marshmallows in this totally inviting kitchen.

©Jeff Heatley Photography Beadboard cabinet fronts and bin-pulls help deliver a traditional feel for the spacious room.

Looking for a less traditional, more streamlined kitchen? Find inspiration in the clean and neat kitchen design in the next section.

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