Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Clean and Neat Kitchen

The granite tabletop matches the counters.

Throwing standard formulas to the wind, this clean and neat kitchen was designed to be tidy and practical. With that in mind, utilitarian steel shelving is combined with contemporary flat-front cabinetry.

The steel shelves house the microwave, extra dishes, and less frequently used pieces while the cabinets keep everyday necessities and food supplies close at hand.

Shelving units like these are a proven method to keep a kitchen looking open.

Stainless-steel storage units such as these are convenient and easy to install. To make use of every bit of storage, cookbooks are filed on top of the cabinets for quick reference.

With counter space provided on both sides of the narrow room, the cook has a choice of where to work. Or two people -- despite the kitchen's diminutive size -- can work smoothly together.

When the cook requires more room for a project such as making jam or holiday cookie-decorating, the durable table can be used as a work surface. The granite counter is good for salad-fixing and dough-rolling.

Instead of matching models, the appliances were chosen based on the room's palette of white, cream, and gray. Even though the varying colored items may seem to be sporadically placed in order to tie the room together with color, they are put in positions of convenience.

A single painting sets the neutral colors in motion.

The refrigerator sits contentedly across from the stainless-steel range, with the sink close by. A small dining table and chairs provide a stopover for meals. Or -- weather permitting -- you can easily grab a plate of food and head outside to dine alfresco.This kitchen incorporates stainless steel in the shelving, stove, and even the back-splash. If you like the look of stainless steel, but need a little inspiration, see the next section to get some original ideas.

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