Modern Decor Ideas

Open Minded

The space was opened up -- literally -- by cutting holes in the interior walls. Space-saving appliances, including a drawer-style dishwasher, pack efficiency into the tiny area.

This tiny (800 square feet) apartment in San Francisco was remodeled in a modern-decor style to serve as a second home. The owners wanted to make the most of their small city space and bring more light into the interior rooms.

As with many city apartments, the rooms were small and the views were not spectacular, so the designer focused on making the interior as vibrant and energetic as possible with bright colors and innovative structural adjustments. Brilliant cobalt, yellow, violet, red, and other paint box hues vibrate throughout the space, but there's just enough white to keep the look under control.

The living room proves that the fun of crayon-bright colors isn't limited to the kindergarten set. Big seating pieces match the wall to appear less obtrusive; a dazzling rug ties all the colors together.

State-of-the-art styling doesn't have to be cold. On the next page, see how to make a modern kitchen that's both sleek and inviting.

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