Modern Decor Ideas


©2007 Philip Ennis Photography Handsome wood cabinetry with a mix of closed and open storage helps transform any space into a high-performance home office.

Working at home is a way of life for millions of telecommuters, freelancers, small business owners, and consultants. Modern decor in the home-office can result in a sophisticated, soothing, and functional workspace.

Ironically, industrial lofts were originally workrooms that were later adapted for residential use by artists. Now, these residential spaces are returning to their roots as working spaces. The difference? Comfort and style.

If you're working at home, today's office furniture can be a sleek, dramatic asset to your performance -- and your decorating. If you prefer a traditional look and a smaller footprint, a computer armoire is a handsome alternative. In a loft, the size and location of your work area will be up to you (just keep in mind electrical sources and natural light).

If you're in a conventional apartment, a den or second bedroom is ideal. If you're in a one-bedroom, you may prefer to keep the bedroom for relaxing and situate your office in the living area. A handsome, tall screen lets you spread work out and not have to straighten it when company's expected.

Squares are all the rage, filling out the design scheme of any room in your house. On the next page, learn how embrace squares for storage and show in your home office.

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