10 Things You Need to Know About Wood Pellet Fireplaces

Fuel Flexibility

Wood pellet fireplaces are highly popular heating devices in Europe, and they're growing in popularity in the U.S., as well. As of 2011, there are more than 80 pellet mills in North America, producing more than 1 million tons of pellets a year [source: Biomass-Events.com].

One advantage of these fireplaces is that they can burn a variety of materials. While some models burn only pellets made of sawdust, wood, bark and other wood byproducts, other models allow you to burn a wide variety of biofuels, including corn kernels, soybeans, nutshells, barley, dried cherry pits, beet pulp, wheat and sunflowers.

This flexibility allows you to find the most affordable, highest-quality fuel available from local resources -- just one eco-friendly advantage of these heaters.