Tips for Installing Vinyl Siding

How to Clean Vinyl Siding

It is hard to imagine that with all the positives of vinyl siding there might be a negative. A b­ad aspect of vinyl siding is that it gets dirty easily. But the nice thing about vinyl siding, besides the fact that it's easy to install and it's long lasting, is that it's also easy to clean. If you can clean your car, you can just as easily clean your siding.

Vinyl siding, if left alone, can accumulate mold and dust. The best way to interrupt this accumulation is to clean the vinyl siding with soap and water.

Your water source can come from a regular old garden hose, but make sure there is a nozzle to divert the water into a spraying form. You don't want a pressurized source of water to hit the siding directly, because you might cause damage to the siding or the wall behind the siding. Also, you want to follow the natural flow of water and aim downward with the hose, rather than up from the ground. The siding is naturally designed to drain water downward [source: Ask the Builder].

­The soap you choose can be as simple as the soap you use to clean your dishes. Depending on how long you let the siding go without cleaning it, you might want to opt for an oxygen bleach, not a harsh bleach. Mix your soap with warm water and apply it to the siding with a soft brush starting from the bottom. Work your way up to the top.

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