How to Choose a Carpet Color

Choosing the right color for your carpeting can make or break your entire room, and has always been a challenge for those decorating their homes. These days, there are gazillions of colors to choose from, making the choice even more difficult and stressing. Ask yourself the questions below and choose the right carpet color based on your answers.

  • Where is the carpet? For rooms that people walk in a lot, you need a high quality carpet. Hallways, living rooms and stairs need colors that are easy to clean and help hide dirt [source: Morin].
  • Who uses the room? If your carpet is going in a room where children or pets sleep or spend a lot time, you should find a stain-resistant carpet. Again, just like if people are walking on it all the time, choose colors that are easy to clean and that hide dirt [source: Morin].
  • How big is the room? Small rooms or rooms with low ceilings benefit from neutral colors that subtly make the room look larger [source: Crane]. Big rooms or rooms that have odd shapes are great with bold colors that contrast the walls.
  • How does the color look in different lighting? Examine each carpet color you're considering in different lighting. Sometimes a color will look great in the bright showroom, but when it's back in your family room in the evening moonlight it's just not the same [source: [source: Crane].
  • How should the room feel? Different colors foster different moods. Think about your room's purpose and decide how you want people to feel when inside [source: Spenard Builders Supply].