Top 10 Spring Cleaning Tips

Make a Plan
Making a list will help you get a start on spring cleaning.
Making a list will help you get a start on spring cleaning.

Whether your place is tiny or massive, spring cleaning can be a challenge. Spring cleaning is about going beyond your usual dusting, mopping, vacuuming and scrubbing routine. And if you've never done it, how do you even know where to start? Like all big undertakings, it's a good idea to make a plan. Yes, that means committing pen to paper. Or creating a spreadsheet, if that's more your style.

Start by listing out every room of your house, without forgetting places like the utility room, laundry room, garage and closets. Think about tasks like cleaning the baseboards, the walls, the windows and window treatments, as well as moving and cleaning behind and under furniture (and the furniture itself). Basically, things that you probably don't clean on a regular basis. If it helps you, walk through your house or apartment while making the list.

If even the idea of making a list is too much, do a little research first. There are books and Web sites on every subject and that includes cleaning. Find a list to work from or at least get some inspiration -- I use a printed chore system that hangs on my fridge, and it has spring cleaning tasks built-in when that time of year rolls around. While it doesn't look like there's an app just for spring cleaning, there are more than a few for cleaning in general. They could help you find your starting point.

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