10 Everyday Things You're Probably Doing the Hard Way

Untie the Delivery Bag Knot
Getting into a tightly knotted takeout bag is as easy as a twist and a push. iStockphoto/Thinkstock

So, you probably normally break into the plastic bag from your local delivery joint with scissors, but that can be messy if you happen to clip interior packaging, and scissors aren't always handy. It can be hard to muster the patience for fiddling with a tight knot in an effort to get to your General Tso's chicken, but with some basic knot-untying knowledge you can do it with your own deft fingers.

You're going to untie the knot using ingenuity instead of a blade. This method of untying the bag knot doesn't involve picking at the plastic handles hoping to successfully loosen the loops. The key to the successful knot untying is to twist and push, not to pick. Twist one of the ends of the bag handles (the part that sticks out above the knot) into a tight, solid form, then push it through the knot to get to your delicious dinner.

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