5 Tips for Cleaning Shower Heads

How clean is your shower head?
How clean is your shower head?

Is your shower head not blasting water the way it used to? Has it turned from a torrent to a trickle? Then it might be time for a proper scrubbing to get your shower head back to the way it used to be – and make it much more efficient at keeping you and your family squeaky clean.

Clean the Nozzles

This is a pretty simple way to start cleaning your shower head. Many shower heads have rubber nozzles where the water comes out. Just rub the nozzles with your finger or a toothbrush to loosen any deposits, and then run hot water for a few minutes.

Deep Soak

Soaking your shower head in vinegar is a great, natural way to clean out any gunk that’s settled. Remove the shower head and submerge it in vinegar for about two hours; then rinse in hot water and reinstall.

Clean the Filter

Inside of the shower head there should be a filter screen, which may also be experiencing build-up. Either check the instruction manual or look for your model online to find out if your model has a filter and how to disassemble the shower head. Clean the screen with a brush and water over your kitchen sink -- you don’t need soap and it could damage the filter screen, so just use hot water.

Hanging Soak

If you don’t want to deal with removing the shower head, you can still do a deep cleaning. Fill a plastic bag halfway with vinegar and carefully (you don’t want to spill the vinegar on your head!) attach to the shower head with a twist-tie, tape or rubber band. Let it sit for a couple of hours, then run hot water to clean it out.

Polish Up

After you’ve soaked your shower head in vinegar, give it a quick polish by dabbint a rag or paper towel into the leftover vinegar and rubbing it on the shower head. Now your old fixture works – and looks! – like new.

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