5 Tips for Cleaning Without Getting Dirty


Use the Right Tools for the Job

There are lots of handy helpers around that can make specific tasks easier. Microfiber cloths will grab and hold the film of dust that accumulates on your flat screen TV and other electronics. Instead of just whisking dust back into the air and onto your clothes, you can trap it and then launder it down the drain. It's one example of a modern cleaning tool that has a specific purpose. These cloths are cheap, effective and easy to care for. (Just remember to line dry them.)

Handheld task vacuums that can tackle spilled cat litter and sponge erasers that are great for busting scuff marks are just a couple of other examples. The point is that using the best tool for the task saves work and creates less mess. When you do know there's a nasty cleanup on the horizon, put layers between you and the dirt. That's what gloves, aprons and eye protection are for.