10 Green Laundry Tips


Green Bleaching Solutions

You'll note that bleach is one of the items on our Terrible Ten list. Of course, bleach and bleachlike ingredients show up quite often in commercially available laundry detergents. It's also still quite common for people to use pure bleach when washing articles of clothing that need to get that elusive "whiter than white."

However, returning to our Fantastic Four list, there's an obvious bleach alternative: lemon juice. Straight lemon juice -- either squeezed directly from the lemon or poure­d from a bottle -- works very well for bleaching. Just about any fabric (except silk) can be bleached a whiter and brighter color by soaking it in a mixture of lemon juice and very hot water. First, mix 1/2 cup lemon juice with 1 gallon very hot water. Soak the clothing in it for at least one hour, though it can soak as long as overnight. Afterward, pour the lemon juice mixture into the washing machine, then wash the garment as usual.