How to Maintain a Fresh Bathroom

How to Keep a Bathroom Looking Fresh
Doesn't it just look like it smells fresh?
Doesn't it just look like it smells fresh?

There are many small things that can make a bathroom look dirty, so keeping up with those areas is the key to keeping your bathroom looking magazine fresh. Sinks and faucets should be free from water spots, so make sure you wipe it all down with a clean, dry towel after use. The areas around the sink drain and where the faucet meets the porcelain are a haven for mold buildup. Toweling the area after use is an easy way to avoid this.

The bathroom trash basket is typically home to some of the less desirable refuse your home produces. And they're usually small and fill up quickly. For this reason, it's important to empty it on a regular basis. A can overflowing with used dental floss, tissues and Q-tips isn't very appealing. Another quickie way to freshen up your bathroom is to close the shower curtain. This will not only help it dry out, but it will hide the tub and shower, which is the most challenging area to keep clean.

Fight the urge to bypass your toilet during the daily maintenance cleaning and tackle it with a toilet brush and some scouring powder as often as you can. Be sure to scrub inside the bowl as well as the seat and the back. An unsightly ring is pretty gross, as are stains on the seat. Be sure to mop around the bottom of the toilet, too. It tends to get pretty dusty and linty down there.

On the surface, simply making sure your towels are folded and neatly stacked adds to the overall fresh look. Towels on the floor or even hanging over your shower curtain give your bathroom an unkempt appearance. You should remove all dirty clothes, too. Bathrooms are small and dirty clothes tend to smell, so keep your clothes hamper in another room.

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