How to Organize Recipes

Methods for Organizing Digital Recipes

Like printed recipes, having a category-based organizational structure for your digital recipes will help you locate them a little easier. And, like your printed recipe collection, applying a little reality check to your digital recipes -- that is, dumping the ones you'll never try -- is probably a good idea. But your digitally stored recipes don't need to be quite as organized.

In fact, one of the benefits of storing your recipes on your computer is that they can be less organized than printed recipes and still be useful. Want to find that African red bean and peanut stew recipe you downloaded last year from some now-forgotten recipe Web site? As long as it's somewhere on your computer, you can just do a quick search. If you prefer to store your recipes online, you can do a similar thing with a program like Google Docs. Just upload your recipe files to Google Docs, and use the Search Docs function to find the recipe you want [source: Gourmet File].

It may sound like organizing digital recipes requires no organization at all, and while that may appeal to some, others prefer a higher level of organization. Both organizing your recipes into named folders on your computer and using a simple online option like Google Docs to do the same, are free options that may be just what you need.

There are also a number of software and online options you can consider. Each one has its own benefits, such as the ability to adjust the number of servings a recipe makes and generate menus and shopping lists [source: Baldwin].

But first, you can narrow down your options by deciding if you'd like to have the recipes stored on your own computer or online. For the benefits of each method, read on.