How to Organize Seasonal Clothes

Nordic sweaters should be put away in the summer.
Nordic sweaters should be put away in the summer.
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If your dresser drawers simply will not close, you find a bikini in with your heavy winter sweaters, or it takes you a half an hour to find what you want to wear for the day, it might be time to take control of your clothing situation. Take a realistic look at your clothing system and make some changes.

For example, sorting your clothing by seasons is a common way to organize your wardrobe. There is no good reason why your heaviest winter sweater should take up residence next to a summer tank in the prime real estate of your closet.

To make an organizational system work for you, you must personalize it for your own use. When organizing anything, use the "less is more" concept. If you want to make use of what you own, it's often better to have fewer items in your closet or dresser. The added space will help you be able to see what you own -- and use it [source: Ewer]. In order to have that space, you will probably need to rotate clothing out based on the season or occasion. But this might help to keep you from becoming bored with the pieces that you own. Each time you rotate your clothing, you might even feel like you went shopping.

Using a rotational system also allows you to identify classic pieces of clothing that you will want to preserve with care. Additionally, it may encourage you to shed clothing that may have gone out of style since its last wearing [source: HGTV]. Putting a clothing rotation date on your calendar each season will ensure that you make time to organize and care for your belongings.

Now it's time to turn your closet inside out and your dresser upside down. Keep reading to learn about ways to sort through seasonal clothing.