10 Creative Uses for Old Lamps

Don't pitch it. Get creative!
Don't pitch it. Get creative!
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Whether you're interested in going green or just can't bear to deal with the fallout once Aunt Mildred finds out you hate her wedding present, you may not want to pitch lamps that aren't being used. Sure, there are a variety of reasons to want to get rid of an old lamp:

  • Age: Maybe you're worried that an old lamp could be a fire hazard, or it's just so hideously outdated that you have to resist the urge to knock it off the table "accidentally" every time you dust.
  • Dependability: If an old lamp doesn't work, that's usually a pretty good sign that you should think about getting a new one … unless you just need to replace a bulb.
  • Style: Trends and personal preferences come and go, and lamps are often expensive items necessary to lighting a room. What to do when a room or sense of style outgrows the lamps selected a decade (or several decades) ago?

These are all valid points, but why not make them reasons to repurpose or recycle an old lamp rather than throw it away? We hope the following ideas will offer you a way to make peace with your lighting scheme and avoid Aunt Mildred's wrath all at the same time.