How to Build a Dog House

Day 1 Dog House
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­Whether you've always dreamed of giving your dog Snoopy's dog house or just want something to shelter your pet when your family hangs out outside, building a dog house can be a very fun, rewarding and useful project. If you aren't the handiest handyman, don't fre­t. You can get as complex as building your own dog house from scratch with your own plans that you drew up yourself, but there are much easier routes. You can find blueprints and plans online, customize your own house or buy a kit that requires little more than your own hammer and screwdriver.

It doesn't matter if you need a palace for your two canines or a simple structure for your pooch. Plans and kits come in a variety of styles and options to fit your dog, your style and your backyard. You can do it yourself with lumber you cut for less than $70. Or, if you want a preassembled luxury home built to order based on your specifications for furnishings, lighting, heating and cooling, you might spend more like $7,000 [source: Doggy Dream Homes].


­In this article, you'll learn how dog house kits work, as well as how to build your own dog house. You'll also discover what materials to use based on your dog, design and area's climate. Lastly, this article will make you aware of some safety concerns to consider, both for you and for your best four-legged friend when constructing a dog house.

When building a dog house, remember that it is not the be-all-end-all for your pup. Having a shelter does not necessarily mean shade -- depending on the materials used, a dog can overheat even more quickly in a dog house than out in your yard. And no matter how nice the doghouse, it's not a suitable round-the-clock home for a pet.

To get started, let's first explore dog house kits, the easiest option for building a dog house.