How to Build a Dog House

Dog House Kits

You want your dog to have a nice house. Maybe you even want Fido or Brownie to have a doggie chalet or a doggie mansion. But let's face it -- if you're not the best carpenter, building one from scratch might be more than you want to take on. If this is the case, a dog house kit might be perfect for you.

Dog house kits start at around $100. When assembling one, you shouldn't need much beyond a hammer or screwdriver. Most kits include the floor, walls and roof, completely pre-drilled with instructions [source: Kit Guy]. It should also include the nails and other assorted hardware, though depending on the kit you may need to purchase insulation, paint, and a pad, pillow or mat for your dog to lie on.


When selecting a dog house, your biggest consideration -- even beyond the pros and cons of housing your pup in a barn versus a bungalow -- is the size. If you love a style for your German shepherd's house but can only find it in small and medium, look for a bigger model. Similar to a dog crate, your dog house should be large enough for your pet to get in fully, turn around, and lie down. By the same token, however, it shouldn't be too big. Pets aren't like people -- a Chihuahua won't appreciate all the space of an extra-large dog mansion. In that case, a small dog kit will do fine.

If you are more interested in infusing your own personal style, keep reading for custom dog houses.