How to Build a Dog House

Safety Concerns When Building a Dog House

There are two main areas of safety concerns when building a dog house -- those relating to humans and those relating dogs. People should take the same precautions they would with any building project, including wearing gloves and eye protection when necessary.

In respect to dogs, there are a few more safety concerns. The first concern is the size -- a too-small house can hurt your pet's health. You also need to make sure you use proper materials and insulate if necessary, as discussed on the previous page. Dog houses can't do much to keep out the cold in frigid temperatures, and overheated structures can be just as dangerous.

Be sure you've properly constructed the house with durable materials to be confident that it can withstand your canine companion. Use untreated or nontoxic lumber and finishes to ensure the safest materials for your pet, especially if it likes to chew. Some treated lumber contains toxins that could harm your pet, especially if ingested [source: Build Easy]. And when completing your dog house, be sure to put the nails in properly -- you don't want the points sticking out and stabbing your pup [source: Lowe's].

Lastly, even if it's a pet palace, a dog house isn't as climate-controlled as a typical home, and it doesn't replace playtime with your pet's human companions.

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