10 Things Your Contractor Doesn't Want You to Know

The plans seem pretty straightforward, but is there something he's not telling you? See more home construction pictures.

When it comes to home repairs, you can't always count on your contractor. Sure, most of them are honest and dependable, and plenty of them provide quality work. But odds are that the home improvement process isn't going to go according to plan. You can point fingers at your contractor, but the consumer is partly to blame, too. Besides choosing the right contractor (always go with one who's been in business for at least three years), you've got to educate yourself about the project at hand so you know what to look (and look out) for when fixing up your home.

We've been knocking down walls to bring you the all facts your contractor doesn't want you to know. We'll show you how to prevent a thief from entering your home and why working with a door-to-door contractor is never a good idea.

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