How to Do Brick and Concrete Repairs

Easy concrete repairs you can do. Jung Getty / Getty Images

A brick exterior gives many homes -- especially older homes -- a look of distinction and character. And almost every home, even more-modern dwellings, has concrete stairs in the front or back and a concrete driveway or sidewalks.

These very features that can give a home its "personality" are also the areas that may require some repair as years pass, and hiring a professional for these jobs can be expensive. However, with just a few tools, easy-to-access materials and some elbow grease, you can be your own home-maintenance crew.


This article provides the instructions and illustrations you'll need to learn how to do brick and mortar repairs (known as tuckpointing), replace a brick when it comes loose from a wall or chimney, repair crumbling concrete steps, fix a crack in a brick or concrete block wall, and fill pesky potholes in your driveway.

Grab your tool box and click to the next page to begin repairing loose mortar joints between bricks.

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