How to Repair Exterior French Doors

French doors usually connect to the outdoor deck or patio. French doors are actually made of wood panels with glass fixed in them. The wooden frame divides the glass into square or rectangular shapes. Most of the door's area is occupied by glass. Installing French doors enhances the beauty of the house, while letting in abundant sunlight. Here's how to repair your French doors.

  • Check the screws holding the door to the door frame. If they're loose, remove the screws, and replace them with longer screws. Remove and replace the screws one at a time. If the door closes properly now, you're done. If not, read on.
  • Change the position of the door hinge. Remove the door entirely and remove the hinge. Cut a new spot in the doorframe with a hammer and chisel. This is the new place for the hinge, and should be quite close to the original position. Mark the spots on the doorframe where the new holes will go. Drill the new holes. Now, mark the spot on the door where the hinge will go, and drill the new holes. Attach the hinges to the door. Re-attach the door to the frame using longer screws than before.

Often the doors stick because the wood swelled from moisture. If this is the case, follow the steps below to widen the doorframe.


  1. Mark the spot where the door is sticking to the door frame.
  2. Remove the door from the hinges.
  3. Sand down the area that you marked with a sander and sandpaper. Make sure you sand down enough of the door to keep it from sticking. When you think you sanded down enough, re-hang the door. If it still sticks, repeat the process.
  4. Paint the sanded area with varnish.

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