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Home Library

©Dennis Degnin Hardwood floors and leather upholstery mark a traditional library/office.

The combination of books and paperwork is age-old. Combining a library with a home office, then, results in a work space that is conducive to thought and study.

Floor-to-ceiling shelves afford easy access to books as they are needed and create an inviting reading-room air. Where space allows, comfortable chairs and sofas also promote this idea.

With the addition of such furnishings, the role of the room is expanded, too. What a wonderful space for a committee meeting, a sophisticated cocktail party, or a beautifully decorated Christmas tree! Add handsome wood paneling and crown moldings to lend the library/office more architectural interest.

©Dennis Degnin An antique desk adds to the traditional motif.

And to enrich the traditional motif, import an antique or reproduction desk that's big enough on top to accommodate papers, phone, and family photographs and with deep drawers for hiding messier papers. With sumptuous Oriental carpets below and brass chandeliers glowing above, work hours will never seem too long.

The good this about traditional home office décor is that it never goes out of style. Read on for advice on making your office space timeless.

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