Hosta Fortunei

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Hosta fortunei is the name of a groups of hostas -- some have solid colored leaves, while others have variegated ones.
Hosta fortunei is the name of a groups of hostas --some have solid colored leaves,while others have variegated ones.

The name hosta fortunei covers a number of plants in the hosta species. Typical of all hostas, they are hardy perennials that thrive in shade.

Many of the hostas in this group have attractively variegated leaves; examples include 'Albopicta' and 'Aurea-Marginata.' Pale violet flowers add a nice touch to the picture, making these wonderful accents for shade.


Hosta Fortunei Quick Facts:


Scientific Name: Hosta fortunei

Scientific Name:Hosta fortunei

Common Name: Hosta

Type of Plant: Perennial

Growing Zones for Hosta Fortunei: Hardy to zone 3

Growing Conditions for Hosta Fortunei: Shade


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