Hybrid Tea Rose

By: C. Colston Burrell
The hybrid tea rose was bred to be the ideal rose. See more pictures of roses.

Single-stemmed, large-flowered, and delicately perfumed, hybrid tea roses are the epitome of the perfect rose. They are the class all other roses are compared with. Hybrid teas were originally derived from crosses between tea roses and hybrid perpetuals: two categories of roses popular more than a century ago.

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Description of hybrid tea roses: Hybrid teas generally bear one flower per stem and are particularly beautiful in bud, with a long, pointed form that opens delicately into a delightful double flower with a high central cone. The color range is the most complete among roses; there are even "blue" (actually, lilac or lavender) hybrid teas. They are often moderately to strongly perfumed and bloom off and on throughout the season. Plants generally reach about 3 feet in height in cold climates and up to 5 feet in warmer ones.

Planting hybrid tea roses: Space 24 to 30 inches apart in cold climates, 3 to 4 feet in warm ones.

Special needs of hybrid tea roses: Hybrid teas need harsher pruning than most other roses. They tend to suffer from severe winter kill, and full winter protection is necessary in cold regions. Remove faded flowers to ensure continual bloom.

Propagation of hybrid tea roses: Few hybrid teas grow well on their own roots. They are usually sold in the form of grafted plants.

Uses for hybrid tea roses: Hybrid teas are the cutting rose par excellence: The "long-stemmed roses" of the florist industry are hybrid teas. Since their growing habit tends to be rigidly upright and rather sparse, they are best planted in the center of beds where their flowers, rather than their overall appearance, will be noticed.

Varieties of hybrid tea roses: Chrysler Imperial, dark red; Garden Party, white; Mister Lincoln, dark red; Pascali, white; Peace, yellow blend; Tropicana, orange red.


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