Top 5 Annuals in the Midwest

Scaevola are sometimes called fan flowers or half flowers due to their unique shape. See more pictures of annual flowers.

­Looking for a lot of color and variety in your garden that you can change year after year? Any or all of the annuals discussed in this article could be just what you're looking to find.

Annual flowers differ from perennials in that they die off each season and have to be replanted annually. This can be a bit more work on the grower's part, but there are advantages to this. Annuals allow you to change your mind season after season. You aren't stuck with the same boring perennial daisy year after year. In addition, if you aren't good at growing flowers, ­annuals can be nice because if you spend a lot of time plotting out a huge perennial garden and some of the plants die, your whole look is thrown off. With annuals, you have a brand new blank canvas each spring.

Planting any kind of flowers in the Midwest, however, can be challenging. The land can often be prone to extremes, not to mention cold winters and drier air. There can be late spring thaws or early frosts in the fall that throw off your plans and kill your plants. For all the cold worries, however, the Midwest can have brutally hot summers, sometimes with little rain.

But don't let this discourage you. Though Midwest planting can be difficult, with a little planning, you can find beautiful annuals to decorate your landscape. This article is a great place to start as a planning tool to discover the top five popular and hardy annuals that suit Midwest planting.