10 Tips for Changing Your Address When You Move

Simplify the Process

To keep receiving mail after the post office stops forwarding it, start notifying everyone who sends you mail two weeks before you move. If you have a long list of people and businesses to tell, set aside an hour or two each day to get the job done.

To save time, before you change your address with anyone, change your phone. Most organizations will ask for your new phone number at the same time they ask for your address. If you don't have it, you'll have to contact them again.

You can use a variety of methods to share the news. Many bills and statements you receive have areas for making an address change or instructions on how to notify their company. You might want to e-mail your employer or visit your human resources department to make sure you continue to receive your W-2s and that all-important paycheck on time. Specially designed cards found in many stationery stores and card shops are a perfect, more personal way to announce your new home to family and friends. And for everyone else on your list, the change of address cards provided by the post office make the job easy.