10 Tips for Managing a Moving Sale


Put a Price Tag on Everything

Garage sales can get busy, fast. Even if you have two or three friends on hand to help you hawk your wares, you won't have time to stop and come up with a price each time someone wants to purchase something. Whether or not you want to allow customers to negotiate the price is up to you, but tagging everything before the sale will save you the hassle of trying to come up with a price on the spot. As you're pricing things, keep your goal in mind. You're moving. While you do want to make money, your bigger goal is to get rid of all this extra stuff. Rather than putting a price on each individual wine glass, price them together; if you have a dozen, sell all 12 for $4 or offer six for $2. Pick one price for paperbacks and one price for hardbound books and make signs to indicate pricing.