10 Tips for Staging Your Home


Declutter, Depersonalize and Disengage

Disengaging from your house emotionally can be difficult, but the act of staging your home can help you look at it with a more neutral eye. And because so much of the staging process is about decluttering and depersonalizing your house, doing it in conjunction with packing for the move can help even more.

Your first step is decluttering, which should be a natural part of the packing-up process. Decide what you really want to take with you to your new home, and discard or donate the things you're leaving behind.

Similarly, because the staging process requires you to portray your house as a welcoming, neutral home for every potential buyer -- which means packing up personal items like family portraits, knickknacks and other signs of your family's time in the house -- you'll find it easier and easier to let go when it's time to leave.

This process is called depersonalizing, and it's essential to giving buyers the opportunity to imagine their own families moving in. By reducing your visual "footprint," you can inspire your buyers without making them feel like they're snooping around somebody else's home. They'll get an idea of each room's purpose without feeling locked in, and they'll see the space in the most attractive way. A properly staged house feels both warm, like a home, and accessible, like a brand-new space.