10 Things You Should Never Tell the Listing Agent

Real Estate Pictures There are actually things you should never tell your listing agent while they're selling your house. See more pictures of real estate.

A professional, trustworthy listing agent can be a huge asset for you when you're putting your house on the market. They can attract more buyers through marketing, show the house for you, screen buyers for credit worthiness and help you when it comes to negotiating an offer. Ultimately, sellers who use listing agents to sell their homes see final sales prices that are up to 11 percent higher than those who go the "for sale by owner" route [source: Riddle].

Legally, your listing agent is obligated to represent only your interests in all negotiations, once you sign an agreement with him. This obligation is called "fiduciary duty," and should keep your agent from interacting with buyers in a way that compromises your final sale price. Still, there is some personal and financial information that you should keep from your agent, to avoid the risk of buyers or other agents catching wind of it. In some cases, there are pieces of advice that might seem harmless, but could end up hurting you when it comes to selling your house. Read on to find out when you should keep your mouth shut when working with your listing agent.

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