10 Paint Colors to Help Sell Your Home


As far as colors go, green sometimes gets lost in the shuffle. Too dark, and it seems blue or brown. Too light, and it might seem yellow. But in the middle of these extremes lies a versatile color that can help bring out the best in several design scenarios [source: Better Homes and Gardens].

Much like yellow, green in its lighter shades can bring a cheery, country coziness to a room with white trim. Pairing a green accent wall and decor items with a room that's mostly white can create a playful atmosphere that's perfect for a children's room. In its deeper shades, green is an excellent complement to natural-finished cabinetry; the combinations of wood stain and green hues are nearly endless. If you choose the right colors, your cabinets will glow with radiant warmth that invites visitors into a kitchen or cozy sitting room [source: Demesne].

Deep green can be extremely elegant, but it's best used sparingly in a house for sale. A dark green accent can add warmth to a tile backsplash, but too much deep green has the same dark, den-like effect as too much dark brown in a room. If a space could work with a darker green accent, consider a hue that has some blue in it: Blue-green shades can have a calming effect similar to shades of purer blue [source: Demesne].

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