How do you remove ink stains from leather?

By: Contributors

Getting an ink stain on your clothing, couch, table or anywhere else can be really annoying, but in many cases there are ways to remove the stain without doing any damage to the surface or fabric that it's on. There are commercial cleaning products that can be of use and sometimes you can get help from unexpected directions too, such as hair spray (which can help loosen stains on some fabrics), white vinegar and other common products that can be found around the house or in the kitchen.

Leather, however, is more problematic than many other fabrics. When we leave an uncovered pen in the bottom of a leather pocketbook - and it soaks through - it may mean saying good-bye to that beloved bag. It's often just not possible to remove ink stains from leather or suede without damaging the color and the surface. Nonetheless, there are a couple of steps you can try before consigning your leather jacket to the rag bag or rushing out to buy a cover for your leather sofa.


There are some leather-cleaning products available, such as Fiebing's Saddle Soap or Tannery Vintage Leather Cleaner and Conditioner. You can try using this to remove the stain (following the manufacturer's instructions) as well as to keep the leather in good condition. You can sometimes remove ink stains from suede by using a dry-cleaning solvent. It's recommended to test the mixture on a hidden area of the suede before using it in more visible places. If the solvent doesn't harm the suede and its color, then dab it gently on the stain with a clean cloth, then leave to dry.