Is it better to replace my washing machine or repair it?

Washing Machines Parts Worth Repairing

If you know exactly what's wrong with your washer, you're well on your way toward making the best decision about the future of that most important of appliances. Some components of a washer are relatively inexpensive and easy to replace, even for the anti-do-it-yourself crowd. It's similar to the decision-making process you'd go through with a car. You wouldn't replace your vehicle because a tire had gone flat (after all, you can air-up the tire or perhaps even change it yourself). But you might contemplate buying new transportation if you knew your transmission needed to be replaced.

A washing machine is made up of a tub, motor, pump, seals, belts and pulleys. Belts and pulleys are very inexpensive and can easily be replaced. They are the equivalent of a flat tire in the car analogy. Likewise, a washing machine's seals are inexpensive and something you could potentially install yourself. Keep in mind, however, that determining which seal is faulty can be a tricky process. A pump is something that a do-it-yourselfer can repair or replace if he or she has the time and desire. But it's also the middle-ground where you have to ask whether it's worth it. A faulty motor usually requires the attention of an expert, and a cracked tub is a no-brainer -- you should get a new machine [source: Fix-It Club].


Only you know your level of competence when it comes to DIY jobs, and only you know what your budget can withstand. Next, we'll look at the cheapest way to go about replacing your washing machine.