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Sassafras Tree

Sassafras tree is a distinctive tree with highly variable colored leaves. Learn about growing, propagating, and using sassafras tree.

Tulip Tree

Tulip tree is an ornamental tree with stately grace and stunning flowers. Learn about growing, propagating and using tulip tree at HowStuffWorks.

Tree Pictures

These tree pictures will allow you to stroll through the world of walnuts, maples, redwoods and more. Check out these tree pictures at HowStuffWorks.

Silk Tree

Silk tree is a hearty mimosa that adds tropical flair to northern gardens. Learn about growing, propagating, and using silk tree at HowStuffWorks.

Smoke Tree

Smoke tree is a shrub. Learn more about growing, propagating, and using smoke tree.

Tree Rose

Tree roses are a way of growing roses, not a separate class of flower. Learn how to achieve the manicured presentation of tree roses in your own yard or garden.

Tree Ivy

Tree ivy is a unique cross breed between an ivy and a shrub. Learn about growing, maintaining, and using tree ivy at HowStuffWorks.

Flowering Trees

Many flowering trees offer all-season interest. Learn about flowering trees, such as dogwood, crape myrtle, and southern magnolia, which add beauty to your landscape.

What Does the Money Tree Have to Do With Lunar New Year?

The money tree has long been a symbol of good fortune in Asia. But how did the plant get its name?

White Ash Tree

White ash tree is fast-growing and low-maintenance, an ideal landscaping tree. Learn about growing, propagating, and using white ash tree.

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