What type of nail gun is best to install floor studs?

For any kind of construction work, the power tool of choice is a framing nail gun. Framing nail guns are powerful pneumatic tools, which means that they run on air compression. Highly pressurized air drives the nails out of the gun and straight into the wood, embedding them deeply and accurately in place. The high-powered action of the nail gun saves time and energy.

Toenailing is a technique for nailing studs. The nail must be placed at a 45-degree angle between two pieces of wood. Once you place the studs on the floor, the teeth at the tip of the framing nail gun have to be set against the stud at a 45-degree angle. Hold the framing nail gun firmly and pull the trigger to shoot the nail out of the gun and into the stud through to the wood. You need two nails on each side, and you should make sure that the stud and plate are lined up after driving each nail through. Proper use of the framing nail gun makes for strong walls and flooring.

With an average of about five seconds per nail compared to a minute per nail with a hand-held hammer, installing floor studs with a nail gun is quicker and easier on the arm than using a hammer. If the tip of the gun is positioned correctly and at the right angle, you won't need to go back and try again if the nail isn't hit with precision, as might happen with a framing hammer.

As always, it’s safety first when using a nail gun. Safety glasses and other precautionary measures are essential to make sure those nails go only where they are supposed to.

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