10 Ways to Organize Your Home Office by Monday


Move Office Equipment off Your Desk

With your desk covered in computers, printers, monitors, phones, modems and computer storage, where are you actually going to work? Here are a few tips for clearing some of the technology out of your workspace:

  • Put your computer tower on the floor. You don't need to access it on your desk. It's just taking up valuable space there.
  • Ditch the mammoth monitor. If your monitor has been around for almost as long as you have and is half the size of your desk, recycle it and buy an inexpensive, lightweight flat-screen monitor.
  • Back everything up online. For as little as $30 a year, you can sign up for an online storage service that lets you back up your files online. Not only will this online backup protect you in case your hard drive crashes or your computer is damaged or stolen, but it also will let you remove the extra storage device from your desk.
  • Buy an all-in-one. Instead of having three pieces of equipment on your desk -- a printer, fax machine and scanner -- buy one piece of equipment that performs all three jobs. Then, take that item and put it on a printer stand to free up room on your desk.
  • Move the light. Instead of using a desk lamp, put a freestanding light next to your desk, and aim it at your workspace.