10 Home Office Storage Solutions

If your home office is organized, you'll never have trouble finding an important phone number or bill. See more pictures of home office decor.
CGSL Photography/Getty Images

Whether you operate a small business out of your home or simply have a dedicated spot in a room or closet for handling your household paperwork, it needs to be organized. If it's not, who knows whether everything will get done on time?

But organizing a home office is easier said than done. The common, ultra-simple storage solutions come to mind: shelves for stacking books and boxes, bulletin boards for tacking up reminders, and filing cabinets for filing away the papers you don't need to see again for a while. But what about all that other stuff? The steady stream of incoming paper and miscellaneous objects stack up, create chaos and make everything so jumbled, you don't even know where to start looking for what's missing. You need help. And you'll find it on the next 10 pages.