Foliage Garden Ideas

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Fern Garden Ideas

Ornate and elegant, ferns add a touch of class to any garden -- and they can be breathtaking when planted in a fern garden of their own. Their detailed foliage and slowly unfurling fronds make them as captivating as tiny works of art, and they can easily make themselves at home in a moist and somewhat shady backyard. Enjoy these garden photos and let our fern garden ideas capture your imagination.

As beautiful and eye-catching as a piece of sculpture, the cinnamon-dusted fiddleheads of new fern fronds stretch open to show ever-more fresh green. The shape and location of this specimen make it a focal point; the placement is very carefully chosen, as the warm fern color stands out against the gray rocks and path, and the contrast of the English bluebells makes a beautiful backdrop.


Though a mixture of fern species always creates a strong effect, a large stand dominated by a single species can also be a standout. Here, masses of ostrich fern accented with a few hay-scented ferns create a wonderfully feathery feel, quite different in texture from a combination of many different varieties but no less attractive. The spotted leaves of lungwort peep through in the foreground, and blue campanulas rise behind.

This fern garden features an assortment of fern species, as well as a selection of wonderfully colored trees. The watery landscape is not only beautiful, it suits the ferns just fine, as they can tolerate more marshy moisture than many other plants.

Even if your yard has more sun than marshy shade, a foliage garden is still quite feasible. Check out the next page for an array of ornamental grass garden options.

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