10 Things Your Decorator Doesn't Want You to Know

You Can Use an Online Decorator
With online decorating sites, you can get expert input from the comfort of your couch.

Submit pictures of your room to certain Web sites, and, for just a few hundred dollars, get feedback on things you can do to make it more design-friendly. This can include anything from furnishings to wall coverings. Some online decorators even give you a mood board complete with options galore on how to make your room as style-savvy as possible.

Mannington.com has a virtual decorator where you can change the floors and walls of their existing room examples, and you can also upload your own photo with their free online software download. You can also upload pictures of your room on Benjaminmoore.com to see which paint colors match your décor best.

Online decorators also specialize in helping you come up with solutions that include things you already own, so you end up saving even more money. Another great benefit? You don't have to feel badly for not using some of their suggestions if you don't like them!

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