Country Decorating Ideas

European Country

The flowery accents send kisses of European romance to the room. The rich chocolate-brown chair is inviting in any language. Details on the wooden pieces add a touch of old-world charm.

If you like your fresh country style with a bit of an accent, consider European style. European roots go deep into American soil as immigrants from the continent brought their cultures here. Just as influential, the experience of wealthy Americans who enjoyed "Grand Tours" in England, France, and Italy was translated into romantic decorating ideas back home.

Today, America's love affair with European country style continues as passionately as ever. English country style dovetails nicely with America's love of flower gardening: Floral chintz fabrics on curl-up cozy chairs and sofas, needlepoint pillows, and Victorian-era porcelain capture the look with charm.

Farther south, the sunny, primary-color prints of Provence bring French country ambiance home, just as the sunset tones of old frescoes recreate Tuscan Italian style. If your style is casual yet sophisticated, there's a look here for you.

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