How to Turn a Bedroom Into an Exercise Room

Painting and Decorating an Exercise Room

Life in a workout room can be all work and no play if you aren't careful, and that means dragging your feet every time you head down the hall. All those knobs, pedals and handles make exercise equipment look more like torture equipment than fitness aids. One way to minimize the industrial look and anguish-inducing ambiance of workout equipment and make working out more fun is to pay special attention to your exercise room décor. And no, we aren't talking about frou-frou girlie stuff, either.

Let's start with color. The color on your exercise room walls will have an impact on your mood, so if you don't want to feel drained and stressed before you ever break a sweat, watch your color scheme. There's a reason some jails paint their walls pink. Pink is an anger zapper. It leaches the bad vibes from a room. You may not want bubble gum pink walls in your workout room, but performing your yoga routine in a blue room will help you relax and meditate, while orange will get you excited and enthusiastic about spending a half hour on the treadmill. Another good choice is green; it's relaxing but can also enhance your concentration.

If you have a number of heavy equipment pieces in the room, you might want to make the space look less crowded. Light colored walls are great for this, and mirrors can be a big help, too. Not only will mirrors make the space look larger (and make the most of the light in the room) they'll help make sure you're keeping your posture straight.

While you're decorating the space, don't forget to provide a little encouragement -- and distraction. Some folks prefer motivational posters with sentiments like "believe," "commitment" or "goals." If that doesn't appeal to you, how about framing a picture of the little black dress you want to fit into? Putting up distracting landscape photos or artwork can be effective, too. A detailed cityscape or nature scene may present enough of a distraction to keep you exercising for a few more minutes each day. Don't forget the ceiling, either. If you're exercising on a floor mat, you'll learn every dip and imperfection in your ceiling. Make that attention pay off by putting something worth looking at up there, like photos of your kids or even yourself -- a few pounds ago.

You should also consider making space for a small cool down bench and a table to hold your water bottle. Mounting a towel rack or a couple of hooks for towels and outerwear is a good idea too. The more self-contained, functional and welcoming you make your exercise room, the more you'll use it -- and that's the whole idea.

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