Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Restaurant Style Kitchen Decor

The upper cabinet's glass doors enhance the kitchen's light.

Reservations, please! This contemporary kitchen with restaurant styling is all shiny surfaces, and they're inviting. Gleaming black counters and unadorned wood are classic partners on a modern menu.

Should you crave a room of this caliber, think out of the box. Use curves rather than corners, for instance, at the cabinet's end. Mimic those curves with a weighty round pillar. And, shape your counter into a circle -- like the table at your favorite restaurant.

Keep in mind, country stools at this dining establishment are not allowed. Instead, search out modern-looking seats, and then go one better and award them plush coverings of color: purple, red, or gold.

Hardware is all but eliminated in the narrow cooking zone. Shiny stainless-steel wall ovens are one bit of glimmer -- and they just happen to be practical, too.

Gone undercover, the fridge is well situated between the cook-top and the ovens.

A glass-block window and vertical blinds on glass doors agree with this sort of elegant Euro look more than curtains or drapes. A peninsula of cabinets -- some high, some low -- provides storage and counter space.

The pièce de résistance? The stone tile with different colors and gradations gives that extra bit of spice.

While this kitchen is elegant and completely contemporary, you may find decorating inspiration in vintage styling, as well. See the next page to explore a vintage -- yet completely updated -- kitchen design.

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