10 Fun Facts About Air Krete

Green Construction Image Gallery Air Krete is a foamed cement insulation material with many unique properties, and it's also eco-friendly. See more green construction pictures.
Photo courtesy of Air Krete Inc.

No, it's not the nickname of Greek NBA player Kosta Koufos. Instead, Air Krete is the most common trademarked name of a foamed cement used instead of fiberglass or other insulation to keep your house toasty warm in the winter and relatively cool in summer. It may also help keep the planet cool, because in the long run, it pays back its carbon cost of manufacturing with durability and longevity. It's tough as nails, impervious to rodents and fireproof. Oh, and it won't kill you with carcinogenic microfibers like traditional fiberglass insulation. And you have to admit that's a plus.

But aside from saving money, headaches, the environment and your life, what really matters about Air Krete are the fun facts you won't learn about on its Wikipedia page. Keep reading to find out some of the real reasons you should explore Air Krete.