10 Uses for Kitchen Cabinets Outside of the Kitchen

Storage Bench or Ottoman
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Does your living room need some extra seating? If you're looking for a fashionable and inexpensive way to take a load off, turn a kitchen wall cabinet on its side with the door hinges are at the top, so that it opens like an overhead compartment on an airplane. Repaint or refinish the cabinet, add a soft cushion or pillows and attach wooden feet to the corners to give it a furniture finish. If you opt for casters, the cabinet-turned-bench can easily be moved around the room. The hidden recesses are great for storing games or DVDs out of sight, but within easy reach.

If you're in the market for something more ottoman shaped, simply attach the feet or casters to the back of a wall cabinet instead -- and be sure to remove the door's knob or handle before inviting guests to sit [source: Andreev]. Whichever way you want to mod it, always do a quick weight check before you start converting a piece of furniture not originally intended to hold people into a seat -- it may need to be reinforced first.

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