Construction Materials

Construction materials have evolved in great ways over the years. Instead of using asbestos when building, people now use recycled materials. Construction materials are important to our safety because they're what hold the industrial world together.


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How are steel studs changing the way we decorate?

As steel framing becomes more common in modern homes, DIY homeowners are facing new decorating challenges. We'll dish on everything from drilling through metal to drywall anchors in this article.

How Formwork Works

What does concrete have in common with cake? If you want to build a structure with concrete, you need a good mold -- and that tool is known as formwork.

Top 5 Fire-resistant Building Materials

How do you slow down a fire? These five building materials are particularly resistant to fire and intense heat, reducing the possibility of fatalities.

Why Are Steel Studs More Common Than Wood?

Although they've traditionally dominated the commercial building sector, metal studs -- or frames -- are making waves in residential building. What's the difference between them and their wooden counterparts?

How Carbon Negative Cement Works

The production of traditional cement accounts for 5 percent of human-generated carbon dioxide emissions. Could carbon negative cement change all that at a reasonable price?

How is industrial construction different from residential construction?

Sure, industrial and residential construction share some common traits. But in the grand scheme of things, the two fields are about as different as, well, night and day.

10 Ways to Turn a Construction Pallet Into Beautiful Decor

With a little ingenuity and a lot of hard work, you can turn these discarded wooden squares into beautiful home décor and furniture. We'll give you 10 nifty ideas.

10 Clever Ways to Use Concrete to Create a Fire-Resistant Home

It's study, durable and can be poured into any shape under the sun. Concrete has long been used as a basic home building material, but unlike others, it doesn't catch fire. See how you can use concrete in your bathroom, kitchen and backyard.

How Lunarcrete Will Work

Dreamers and scientists alike have long contemplated a human outpost on the moon, but how will we build the structures we need to live and work there? Existing construction materials are the inspiration for the building blocks of life in space.

How Fly Ash Concrete Works

Fly ash concrete is considered a green building product. But some think it could have potential hazards. We'll tell you both sides of the story.

How Efflorescence Works

Even Michelangelo had to deal with efflorescence -- white deposits that appear on masonry -- while painting the Sistine Chapel. What causes this unsightly problem, and how can you address it if it shows up on the surfaces of your home?

Are granite countertops on their way out?

You don't have to be a home design expert to know that granite countertops are all the rage for kitchens and baths -- and have been for quite some time now. But has their popularity finally peaked?

How Terrazzo Works

Even if you're not in the habit of noticing the flooring under your feet, chances are good that you've trod on terrazzo before. Meet mosaic's sturdy cousin.

How Translucent Concrete Works

Inventive manufacturers have transformed the once dark and dim building material called concrete into light transmitting blocks that remain sturdy and compact. Here's how it works.

How Adobe Construction Works

Adobe construction is one of the oldest building techniques known to man, but why is it now one of the hottest modern housing trends?

How Papercrete Works

Papercrete is a lightweight alternative to regular concrete that incorporates would-be trash paper into its mix. But what are the benefits and limitations of such a concoction, and is it green?

How Building Codes Work

Strong, well-enforced building codes can save lives and reduce property damage in the event of a natural disaster. But who sets these standards? And how are they enforced?

10 Golden Rules for Saving Money on Construction

Worried about getting burned on your upcoming home construction project? Here are some golden ways to save money.

Why is concrete fire resistant?

When you see a fire burning buildings on TV, do you ever wonder why some remain standing and others fold? Concrete has a lot to do with it.

What type of countertop needs the least amount of maintenance?

If you're tempted to choose a countertop for its form, stop to consider its function, too -- or it may not look nice for long. What surfaces do best?

10 Uses for Kitchen Cabinets Outside of the Kitchen

Looking for a DIY project? Prebuilt cabinets aren't quite endlessly useful, but there's no need to confine these storage solutions to kitchens alone.

How to Paint Drywall

Pretty much anyone can learn to paint drywall. However, to get the best results, you should follow a specific process -- which includes a certain amount of prep work. What steps should you take before starting your paint job?

Are prefab homes killing the construction industry?

It's easy to rail against the new big thing, but prefab homes aren't that new or (in the U.S.) widely popular. So how have they affected the industry?

How Fluid Concrete Works

Concrete may seem dull and gray. But the superplasticizers in fluid concrete are actually pretty intriguing. How do these little buggers make wet concrete flow like a river?