10 Uses for Kitchen Cabinets Outside of the Kitchen

Inventive Art Table

For a creative twist on the ordinary kitchen cabinet door, turn it into a mini art table that's just right for toddlers to flex their imaginative muscles. You'll need just the front panel of a cabinet for this project, preferably with hinges and door still attached -- though if you don't have an entire panel, just the door would work.

Before you begin, you'll need a few supplies, including paint and pre-fab furniture legs about 6 inches (some 15 centimeters) tall -- you can buy these at a home improvement store. If you're using just a door, simply remove the hinges and handle, fill in the resulting holes, attach the pre-fab legs and repaint the entire piece to create a toddler-sized table.

If you've got a whole panel to work with, you can create a tiny supply desk. In addition to your other supplies, you'll need a thin but sturdy piece of wood with the same measurements as the cabinet panel's outer frame. Then attach the wood to the back of the cabinet panel, thus creating a storage space between the door and the wood where you originally reached through the panel and into your cabinet. Remove the door's handle, attach the legs to the back of the panel, and paint.

When finished, this art table will look like a breakfast-in-bed tray (which it certainly might double as), but with one important difference: by keeping the cabinet door functional, you'll allow little Rembrandts to flip up the cabinet door to retrieve their supplies [source: Ucreate Crafts].

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