10 Clever Ways to Use Concrete to Create a Fire-Resistant Home


Forget cushy fabric and plush leather; the next time that you drift off to sleep in front of the television with half a beverage in hand, do it in a concrete easy chair. Yes, you heard right! In 2011, Swedish interior designer Swedish Ninja introduced an easy chair made with "concrete canvas," a flexible "cement impregnated" fabric that hardens when hydrated to form a thin, durable water and fire-resistant concrete layer [sources: Concrete Canvas, Swedish Ninja].

Comfy seats aren't the only way to use concrete to make striking (and fire proof!) living room furniture. From end tables to patio furniture and dining chairs, concrete is making its way into home furnishings of every stripe. New, lightweight versions of the building material create items that are easier to transport from the show room to the living room [source: Nakano and Boone].

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